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Reflections 2017 is open! - ReflectionsReflections

Reflections 2017 is open!

Reflections 25.4.15 has now been live for a week in Patan Museum! We kicked things off with a grand Opening Ceremony on Tuesday April 25, 2017 in the Museum’s beautiful inner courtyard. The evening program was led by Bhuwan Rokka and Marli Gordon who shared their own thoughts on Reflections and its significance before turning the spotlight onto the translators, photographers and artists who brought the project to life. Each honored member was invited to speak about their own reflections and the ceremony was concluded with a candlelight

Like last year, we were moved by the overwhelming enthusiasm and volunteerism our team members showed for our storytelling concept. Their positive response in turn fuels our belief that awareness programs such as ours, are sorely needed. Sharing personal stories from a variety of Nepali perspectives helps to show the
various realities that people are facing since the earthquake. The situation in Nepal is very complex and cannot be reduced to snapshots of devastation and loss. Just as the ground-situation is multi-faceted, so the aid response should be as well.


Hopefully Reflections 25.4.15 will send its message out to the world and those ripples will lead to meaningful contemplation and ultimately, action. We move forward




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