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Reflections 2017- 2 weeks to Go! - ReflectionsReflections

Reflections 2017- 2 weeks to Go!

This year, after the positive feedback from the launch of Reflections back in 2016, we decided to put together another year’s compilation of stories. We are fast approaching the two year anniversary of the 25.4.15 earthquake and we debated how we would change our show to reflect all thats happened over this time. What were the major topics we wanted to highlight?

The reconstruction efforts in Nepal remained dismal and there were very few signs of progress. Despite all the international aid that poured into the country, the physical results were hard to find. Therefore, Aid, in all of its complexities, is what we decided to focus on. What is the best way to help Nepal now?

Once the questions were written we began to gather our 2017 Reflections team. Harry Morgan, Marli Gordon and Bhuwan Rokka remained the project founders but we gave all management control to Gordon and Rokka’s organization, Nepali for Nepali. On March 8th, we had our first team meeting with International photographers, National interviewers and filmmakers. Once again, we had a group of incredibly talented individuals who all agreed to volunteer their time and effort to share the stories of Nepalese.

Caroline Tran Quang Ty taking interview footage


Within a week, our team had collected interviews from the Director of the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal, an official from the Ministry of Education, a guesthouse owner from Mustang, a psychologist and a Disaster Management assessor. It was a wild ride that included a lot of patience, flexibility, cross-cultural debates and TEA.



One of our Nepali Artists, Hitesh Vaidya, creating his portrait piece

Now we have our stories and the selected International and National artists are in the process of creating an artistic portrayal of their subject. Our exhibition opens on Tuesday 25.4.17 in Patan Museum with a grand ceremony. We will then move to an outdoor space in Kathmandu Durbar Square and the Nepal Art Council for a final auction of the artwork. The countdown has begun!

sohbet nakliyat