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006 - Padma Kumare - KTM - ReflectionsReflections
006 – Padma Kumare – KTM




Matatirtha is a home for the elderly, one hour outside of Kathmandu.

“My name is Padma Kumari ,I’m 75 years old…..

“I was not here during the earthquake, I came later. I was at my house in Chautara, Kavre. Lots of houses were destroyed there and there was a lot of death in Chautara. Terrible! The situation was like this; birds began shouting, most of the houses were falling down, dust clouds everywhere, it was very terrible. They couldn’t take out buried bodies for 15 days. That was too much – My God! We couldn’t identify any dead bodies; there were teachers, officers, locals, 3 bodies from the same family and even more. All of that I saw. I was totally blind at that time just thinking- this is the end of my life. What happened to my relatives? There was no network at that time right?

We stayed in an open area nearby, it was all dusty. Finally, we received a call from Kathmandu. 12 people had died from my side….I don’t know what happened within me that drove me here to this place. It was all from God. He decides who goes and where right? I am here where I’ve never been. I hardly accept that it happened to me. God gave me this place for the rest of my life. Now I enjoy this place, look!

I came here just a few month ago. They are taking good care of us. We hope they will care for us in the future also. We salute him (the founder), wish him good success, that all his wishes come true. We pray to god for his health. God! Oh God! He is the one, our son, he is the one who supports us. I think he will continue to for us. I had relatives but now he is the only one to support me. He is better than my child; he might be my son from a previous life. Now I don’t have a penny, if I did, I would love to spend it here, where I live.

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