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030 Yam Lal Bhusal


Yam Lal Bhusal

The National Reconstruction Authority was established in direct response to the earthquake. The branch was quickly assembled to address the rapidly changing ground situation. Here, Yam Lal offers an insider’s look into the difficulties of managing such an operation.

After the earthquake, we focused on how much the devastation had cost us. I am also one of people who suffered along with other citizens. After the earthquake, reconstruction is being done and I am also involved in that. After the earthquake, immediately under the guidance of the National Planning Commission (NPC), a campaign was launched to establish a PDNA (Post Disaster Needs Assessment). Our current NRA CEO was the NPC Vice-President and under his direction, the campaign proceeded further. There was participation from various donors. Even from our country, there were participants from various sectors such as urban development, local development, agriculture, industry, commerce. For immediate data, a needs assessment was conducted to find out which sector lost how much. On the basis of that, development of reconstruction plans will be easier. I was involved in that. I was involved in the macroeconomics sector of that campaign.

Private houses, schools, government buildings, industries, natural resources and 14 districts, the other 17 districts were also affected. The roads have been damaged. That needs to be repaired. Along with that, livelihoods; the economic damage which people have faced, to develop their livelihood, to improve their economic state. They have to be reconstructed.

If we look at the present situation, a lot of countries and funding agencies have helped us. Big donors and organizations such as the World Bank, ADB [Asian Development Bank], Indian Government, Chinese Government, Japan Government (JICA), Korean Government, along with the EU and many countries and funding agencies, have provided us with support. Along with that, various NGOs and INGOs have also provided us with support materials. The funds are being utilized in various sectors. For example, building and reconstructing schools, sub-health posts providing housing, and campaigns for providing drinking water are areas where the funds have been utilized. Instead of dispersing, if one NGO, or few NGOs could cover a particular VDC [Village Development Committee] or area, then monitoring would be easier. The work they do will be seen. It will be easier to show the results of their work to donors as well.

If any organization wishes to build a school, then they will have to go to the Ministry of Education’s Central Project Implementation. From there they will have to open an account and get permissions and get agreements. Then they have to get permissions from the NRA. And then we will give permission for that and it will be continued.

The main role of the NRA is to reconstruct all houses and return the people to their homes. That is an important responsibility. For that, the NRA is moving forward in a parallel manner, and will continue doing this task in the coming days.

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