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027 Krishna Ghole and Subba Lama - ReflectionsReflections
027 Krishna Ghole and Subba Lama


Subba Lama and Krishna Bahadur Ghole

Subba and Krishna are two elderly men both from Danda-Kharka village. The earthquake destroyed both of their homes and created a visible crack in the hillside above their village. The impending threat of a landslide left their community in search of a safe area to shift to. NGO Nepali for Nepali and a grassroots organization out of the Secret Garden Hostel, worked in collaboration to move the 21 families out of harm’s way.

Subba Lama

On the day of the earthquake, I was in my house. We were eating rice together and everything started to crack like a chicken’s egg. On the 12th’s earthquake, three people were buried and my grandson died. We went to the Dhulikhel hospital. We brought my daughter back after 6 months. She has still not recovered and the steel hasn’t been taken out [of her legs].
After that, some foreigners built temporary shelters in Timlechour for us live in. But now the landowner has sold the land, so we will have to return to our own place. It’s horrible. What can you do? I haven’t built my home.
You all told us to do this and that, to make shelters, and that is why our home is here. But it is a little complicated, like the boys said, our cattle are back there so whenever we feel like coming, we come here to sleep, but we fear that our cattle will be attacked by tigers. We also have to carry our kids back in the evening so that’s why it is so hard.
Now we will have to go back to the previous land. What can we do? We have to eat, we don’t have rice, we don’t have fields. Maize is all we have so we will grow maize on the hillside. Now we will pay for our own small shed and keep goats and chickens. We’ll make fertilizer. What can we do, we don’t have food. Have to grow maize. We have to eat. That’s how it is.

Krishna Bahadur Ghole

Compared to Danda-Kharka, the place where I live is very dangerous! I haven’t slept there even once after the earthquake. I go home to eat a little and come here to sleep. My house is waay down there. Just to make one small shed for the cattle, took me 17-18 days. It’s very dangerous. It’s under that cliff, out there, out there. Until we left, we lived here. Now where should we go?
That’s the hardship. We have little land. We will plant maize, and it has to lasts for 4-5 months as food.
You sir can take a look. My house is far down there, almost in the river and it’s the only one. Some go to my daughter’s place to sleep. Some of my sons have gone to work. They do good work, I think.
If you do good deeds, you expect others will also do good.
Mm. I don’t drink, I don’t gamble, I don’t fight. I have a little land. Whatever is grown, we eat. We don’t say anything bad to others.

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