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019 - Lhakpa & Karsong - Langtang - ReflectionsReflections
019 – Lhakpa & Karsong – Langtang



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Lhakpa Lama (29) and Karsang Palmo (56) from Thumman village in Rasuwa, Langtang region. The region is famous for its trekking routes. Due to remoteness, poor access, and major landslides, many trekkers and guides lost their lives. After losing 4 family members during the earthquake, they both had to leave the village with Lakpa’s 2 young boys, Sonam (10) and Pasang (5).

“We lost our Elder daughter, 1 son, and 2 sons in law in the Langtang trekking area. They were working as tourists guides, and after the disaster we didn’t hear from them until we heard the news that all of the groups there didn’t survive. When I heard the news I was shocked and numb. We were simple family starting a good life, but the earthquake took our family members away”.

“On that day, our house fell down and 3 people were inside. I (Karsang) was able to come out of the house, but my daughter was stuck inside. There was nothing I could do; I was too old and weak to dig. After 2 hours the police came to help but by the time they got here, my daughter was dead.”

“We don’t have any males in our family and In Nepal these are the men who bring in the money. When we lost the men we lost the Backbone of the family.
Now without my husband I realize that I have to support my own family. If there were jobs that the government could provide then I would work but there is no job provided.”

“Now we are just worried about the future of our young sons, how they will live… The most important thing is to take care of their education, make sure they’ll have future. That’s why we moved our life to the city.”