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014 - Abhilaisha - Kathmandu - ReflectionsReflections
014 – Abhilaisha – Kathmandu




Abhilaisha works at Patan Hospital as a research scientist on water borne disease.

She has worked a lot out of Nepal, previously with MSF in France.

“On the day of the earthquake I realised how much I liked food because I just didn’t want to stop eating, It took me ages to realise how bad it was. The door slammed on my hand and the fridge ended up moving across the floor of the kitchen. We stayed outside for a while, it was a cold day and I worried for my grandparents.

“The house seemed fine so we stayed inside that night, We heard news that a girl from the area had been crushed under a wall. She died. She had been full of life and was always out on her new bicycle. I worked with friends from red cross and MSF in the time after the earthquake.

“One year along, its been so hard…

“I compare Nepal to countries I have been to in Africa, its the same in so many ways, We have incredible amounts of natural resources but we just can’t sort it out. Everything is hard. My staff lost homes but came back to work really soon because they were scared of loosing their wage. Many families keep a shop under their home as a second income, but when they lost their homes, they lost the shops too. They have all taken out loans to rebuild, but had very little Government help.

“Everything upsets me, But just saying you are upset doesn’t lead to anything.

“I like gardening because it makes sense when other things don’t. It keeps me calm and distracted from problems. It’s the plants and the birds, the worms, I was gardening on the day of the earthquake even.”