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013 - Srijana - Kathmandu - ReflectionsReflections
013 – Srijana – Kathmandu




Srijana Nepal is 14 years old
We met her in Kathmandu Durbar Square, on her way home from school.

“At the time of the first earthquake I was outside of my house away from my family. At the moment when the first shake took place I was desperate to just meet my family. When I met my mother and we went to our home together, we met my brother and dad and they were safe, I was so happy. We have one sister called Parvati, we could not find here we were so worried. We were crying and searching for her for 2 hours, we couldn’t even contact her on her phone.. Later on we found Parvati after 2 1/2 hours. We were so happy to see her before our eyes.

“…Then there was the aftershock, we were numb to what to do and where to go, we were in complete shock. After that we built a temporary tent house and stayed there for more than 2 weeks. We saw that even our house was about to fall down.

“I stayed there for 1 week and after that time we went to our village to see what was going on there. When we got there, our grandparents and cousins were ok, but some people in the village had died. We went to that funeral. The village is Dolalghat. While we were coming back to Kathmandu in the bus, at that moment a big aftershock happened. Everybody ran out of the bus here and there, but we stayed on the bus until it stopped. When we reached Kathmandu, after a few days we went to our school to continue my study and see what is the situation there. The children were afraid to study in there in case another earthquake came again.

“When this big disaster happened in Nepal, people like me, schoolgirls like me worried about the nation. I am feeling bad effects of this disaster in the school life of the children and in the life of the Nepali people.

“I am sad about the government, even when such a big disaster is happening in Nepal, the government is still sleeping and waiting and doing nothing, government is not moving their step in reconstructing the needs of the country when the country needs them I feel very sad about that, It has been one year since the earthquake and yet still the heritage is so damaged.

“Instead of relief and repair in the country the government is doing nothing, and people have begun to worry about the situation. In this situation the government should take the first step and then the public will follow, then the positive action of the small step will turn into a huge step of mass positive action.

“What I have seen in the people of society is that the shock has had a huge effect on the brains of the people. Nepali people are mostly uneducated, they will think of the quake again and again and it can make you mad. Instead of thinking about that one must think of positive attitudes and encourage positive ideas in their minds.”