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002 - santosh - Takure - ReflectionsReflections
002 – santosh – Takure




Santosh is a 12 year old from the village of Takure, where almost every house collapsed completely during the earthquake, including his own. He and his family live since then in a small temporary shelter. His favourite subject in school is English, and when he grows up – he wishes to become a social worker.

“On that day I felt so scared. where are we going to live? what are we going to eat? And that day we didn’t eat anything and we couldn’t sleep properly. We slept under a tarpaulin. It was scary. Tigers came and the goats were outside so we thought that the tigers would eat them…”

“My house was good to live in. Now we don’t have good facilities, it rains, the house gets completely wet, there’s no good place to eat and stay. Last time it rained, the roof blew off. In my old house there was a bedroom upstairs to stay in, and now it’s on the ground. Mice eat all of our clothes.”

“Before the earthquake, it was easy to get food and I could wear better clothes. And now I don’t have good clothes, no proper food, it’s hard to go to school on time. There was no work for me before and now I have to work hard.”

“School was closed for one month. Some students died. There were no classes, the shelter was made out of bamboo. The rain would come in from the sides and everything would get wet, it was a dirt and grass floor. We couldn’t study so well, but anyway I love school because I can read and write and play with my friends, and learn things that I don’t know”.

“I’ve seen things changing in the village this past year. The people are worried, they drink and smoke more. They are scared that the earthquake will happen again and they will die, their house will collapse and Nepal will flip over”.

“My biggest dream is to build an earthquake-resistant house, I want to build a strong, long-lasting house and help my family and the village. ”