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Sumrita is 45. She lives in a temporary tent camp in Kathmandu since the earthquake with her two children.

“I was getting ready to go outside, and the earthquake came. I was sitting with my baby and Gauri was still in my belly. I was thinking about Lord Buddha at that moment, why should I lie?! Father was also sitting and thinking about God. It was shaking. Everybody was screaming, shouting, crying. Somebody was laughing, some were crying. Some were walking like they were crazy at that time. I saw people die. The situation of the people around was very dire. At that time, we had to cook food in the rain to eat.

“If I remember that moment, I feel horrible. My heart shakes. I recall it from time to time and my heart flutters. Where did I go, what did I do… wherever I stay the Thararara sound comes. Now I think my heart has also stopped working. What’s going on?!

“The government hasn’t done anything until now. I got some donations from monks who gave us beds, blankets. When we didn’t get salt to eat, through sir’s connection with Chinese monks, we got 20,000 NRP, two blankets, one blanket for baby.

“Before also, when Laxmi (her daughter) was small, I sat in front of Shwayambhu and begged for food. I beg and eat, this is what I do. If I eat in the morning I don’t know what I will eat in the evening. If I eat in the evening, I don’t know what I will eat in the morning.”

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