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Reflections 25.4.16 is an innovative cross-media storytelling project, focusing on Nepal in the year since the April 2015 earthquake. We have interviews from many individuals in Nepal, discussing their personal experiences of the earthquake and the issues they faced in the year since. On the 25th of April we are launched our website and an exhibition in the prestigious Patan Museum, Durbar Square, Nepal, with a Parallel exhibition in Bristol, UK

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About the project

About the project – Reflections 25.4.16 is the brainchild of Marli Gordon, Bhuwan Rokka, and Harry Morgan. On the 25th April 2015 a 7.9 earthquake struck Nepal, causing catastrophic damage and affecting the lives of millions. Many individuals reacted, both by direct action on the ground in Nepal, and around the world through support and love for those affected.

Harry Morgan (UK), a reportage illustrator in Nepal at the time of the earthquake, set about recording through drawing, the events that unfolded. He and a group of other travellers started a grassroots group to help victims, first though emergency supplies, and subsequently with temporary shelters and schools. At the same time, Marli gordon (U.S.) and Bhuwan Rokka (NP) started their grassroots organization, Nepali for Nepali, which is now a registered NGO. NFN started out by providing much needed coordination support for small groups and individuals, and since has helped over eight thousand of victims by providing relief materials. NFN are currently focusing on enabling communities to rebuild in an affordable and earthquake resistant way, using an interlocking block technology.

Harry’s group worked together with NFN on several projects, combining their strengths to help victims. During the difficult winter that Nepal faced, little was reported in international media. After the attention-grabbing earthquake story had been exhausted in newspapers, the reality of life in nepal was not talked about around the world.

In February 2016, Harry and Marli returned to Nepal to continue to help. Together with Bhuwan, they decided that it might be possible to help Nepal by raising awareness about issues that were not being talked about and highlight groups and individuals that are doing good work. Through storytelling, art and journalism, Reflections 25.4.16 will attempt to do this.

The Team –

Untitled-2Marli Gordon

Marli came to Nepal in mid 2014 to seek a worthy social cause to engage with. She had been living in Nepal     for 10 months when the earthquake struck. Marli’s passion for Nepalese people and telling their stories was the beginning of the Reflections concept. NfN

Untitled-4Bhuwan Rokka

Bhuwan has been involved in social work in Nepal from 2006. A founding member of NFN, he has worked tirelessly for the last year to provide help to victims of the quake. Bhuwan’s networks in Nepal and technical know-how are crucial to the project.

 Untitled-3Harry Morgan

Harry is a reportage and documentary illustrator and activist from the UK. Immediately after the earthquake he co-founded a volunteer group and coordinated it until december 2015. Harry is the art director and graphic designer for Reflections. Artist’s page

Untitled-5Anica James

Anica is an award-winning documentary photographer and educator from Canada. She was selected as one of the top 30 under 30 female photographers internationally by Photo Boite. Anica heads up our photography team and co-curates. portfolio page

Neta Kind- LererUntitled-6

Neta worked for 3 years managing a news radio programme for a national station in Israel. She had beentravelling and volunteering in Nepal for a short time before becoming involved in the Reflections project, Neta worked with story selection and Audio editing


Every person involved in the Reflections project is a volunteer, and yet they each worked incredibly hard to make this happen. If it weren’t for these people it would not have been possible. The photographers – William Briand is a travel and portrait photograper from France – bewill.net Mitch Ward is a freelance photojournalist from Canada – mitchwardphotojournalist.com David Padovani is a French activist and photographer – www.facebook.com/RadioDova/

The Interviewers – Anshu Pandey, Neta Kind-Lerer, Tsering Lama, Sangita Yonzon, Anica James, Bhuwan Rokka and an extended group of Nepali friends and translators worked to find and record the stories featured in the exhibition.

The rest of the team – None of this would have been possible without the help from a wide group of Nepali friends and volunteers. They have helped us with everything from finding stories to securing funding. Our heartfelt thanks to each and every person who was involved.


For any questions, or just to get in touch, you can contact us at reflections2016nepal@gmail.com


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